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I am a Shamanic Death (Life) Walker, since early childhood years 

I am a Certified Dying Consciously, Counselor & Practitioner (20.10)

 Grief Counsel and more, always more. This includes (by great grace and love) the counsel that is ultimately empowering for you, that of grieving the true you that you feel that you didn't get to be in this life.

I am no longer on hiatus as my fascinating Momma completed her earth walk.

" The Great Initiation" was, is, and will continue.
"The Great Mystery" is Great. 

.. .. .. 

A few days ago I had a quick curious thought about Yeshua being hung from "the cross". I gave another quick thought to whether or not Yeshua had a "NDE" experience. There is so much talk about stories of what really happened way back then. I had another quick thought about the expression "crossing the great divide", commonly used when a person ends the Earth Walk. My thought then was that Yeshua on "the cross" may have established the expression of "the crossing". I remain curious.  


.. .. .. 

THE WISDOM WAYS .. .. .. I went on hiatus from this loving service in July of 20.20 as my fascinating Momma was at "the crossings" of her walk here on earth. "The Great Initiation" (as it's known in dying consciously work) was, is, and will continue. My Momma went to "The Great Divide" a few short days before Mother's Day in May of 20.21 and at a very auspicious moment in time. I had it set that each Tuesday I'd nap at 1:11 pm. On this one Tuesday, I had an odd feeling about napping so I didn't nap. My Momma took her last breath on that same Tuesday at 1:10 pm. The Great Mystery for sure!


I've gone my Rites of Passage (or so I have to this moment in time) with this, and I've set up the ancient, now, and future ways to counsel and guide others. So much is much easier than we think it is, about clearing ancestor/family circumstances/karma in the living days. But then, it's the thinking that often makes life harder especially when the feelings are denied.

It's all been amazing and odd as it is, I'm at the greatest peace that I've been in for my entire life.

I am always blessed and deeply grateful when I walk with others in counsel, healing, and more, always more. This includes (by great grace and love) the counsel that is ultimately empowering for you, that of you meeting up with the true you that you feel you didn't or haven't been able to be in this life, and bringing yourself to your most fulfilling life now.

Call me .. .. .. I will not text about any of the sacred ways.

Laurel .. .. .. aka .. .. .. Sohanna Mah

A few moments after I set this post I rushed back to it to delete the term of shamanic. I'm very humbled when it comes to this association of the truth of who I am. Creator Voice said to me very clearly to leave it and be it as it is in fact what I am. And so it is.

.. .. .. .. .. 

.. .. ..

You see Beloveds, it's time to heal. It's time to honor the one that we grieve for the most. It's time to honor ourselves and the true nature self that we've not yet lived to be. This counsel is available to you.

When I get yanked over here (social media) by "The Collective Source" .. .. .. I drink a nice beverage, right now it's good coffee .. .. .. and I write in my journal about the yank and I sit down at my desk and I do what I'm asked to do.

Many, far too many humans are staggering around way too numb, playing dumb. It's simply not conducive to the potential that each individual was born for.

LIFE/DEATH Sessions - Soothe out of the numb (that really hurts) because you're not dumb. Contact me for a lil' consultation. Please call me. Don't text me, thank you.

Dia De Los Muertos - Day of the Dead and All Souls Day is coming soon and it's a perfect time to bring your natural life into your living experience, to bring life into yourself. I'm not into ...the commercial plasticism... of Halloween. It's cute and all but it's so yesterday! Look around, children don't trick-or-treat anymore.

.. .. .. .. ..

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call me, we'll talk



always more to come, there is always more and more

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