The Origin Medicines energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic

.. .. .. reciprocity .. .. .. 

we pay for (value) what we receive from others

.. .. .. ayni .. .. .. 

ayni refers to the concept of reciprocity or mutualism in balanced and fair practice communities 


.. .. .. Intuitive Counsel aka Psychic Readings .. .. ..

Basic (never average) 60 minutes $150

All-inclusive 90 minutes $225

30-minute sessions $85 .. .. .. $75 for established clients

Guided meditation w/ Breath Work (these sessions are so sweet) 45 minutes $65

Blending Sessions - emotional, mental, physical & spiritual 180 minutes $325

.. .. .. Healing Support Session .. .. ..

Energy Healing (Reiki, KorManu & Munay) 60 minutes $85

Anointing w/ Energy Healing (Reiki, KorManu & Munay) 90 minutes $225

Cerebral Cranial Activation 90 minutes $225

Energy Body Clearing/Chakra Balancing/Restoration 90 minutes $225

Physical Body Restoration - Aligning the physical to its own natural healing protocol 120 minutes $325

.. .. .. Sessions Packages .. .. .. 

Always considered and arranged in the most cooperative ways.

Priced for savings for you, determined by the number of sessions.

This can easily be discussed and confirmed by email for tracking purposes. 

.. .. .. Sessions Combinations .. .. ..

Priced accordingly to the combination of offerings and time shared.

Always considered and arranged in the most cooperative ways.

.. .. .. All Teachings - THE BEAUTY WAYS - Wisdom Journeys .. .. .. 

Prices vary according to the Sacred Nature, and the spectrum of potential that each collaborative holds

.. .. .. SMALL PRINT .. .. .. 

Payment methods - Square Reader, Venmo, or Zelle.

No checks! No IOU! Rare that I do barter. Even rarer that I do trade.  

Sessions may be requested but they are tentative until payment is made.

Once the payment is made, the session is confirmed.

The payment is non-refundable.

Payments must be made prior to the session beginning.

It's kind of funky to deal with dollars during counsel or healing time.

At any time a session needs to be rescheduled IF I am contacted the session time will be changed. 
If I'm contacted the session remains open for rescheduling for 6 months.

If I am not contacted the session will not be rescheduled, this is non-negotiable and all money is non-refundable.

Of course, if there is an urgent or emergency reason for a missed session it will be compassionately acknowledged as a reason. 


Once a session is paid for, there is no refund of payment. This quirky lil' tourist town set these policies many moons ago.


 All pricing and policies set to this page on

Laurel Lyons​



Thank you!

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