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The Origin Medicines energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic

.. .. .. reciprocity .. .. .. 

we pay for (value) what we receive from others

.. .. .. ayni .. .. .. 

ayni refers to the concept of reciprocity or mutualism in balanced and fair practice 

SESSIONS - Teachings - most ways of sharing the Sacred Ways .. .. .. The Wisdom Ways


.. .. .. Psychic Intuitive Readings & Counsel .. .. ..

60 minutes @150 (in person or by phone)

90 minutes $$225 (in person or by phone) 

30 minutes  $95 (by phone only) 

.. .. .. Healing Support Session .. .. ..


Energy Healing (Reiki, KorManu & Munay blend) 60 minutes $100 

Anointing w/ Energy Healing (KorManu, Reiki & Munay) 90 minutes $250

Cerebral Cranial Activation - Awakening of the brain (anatomy) and mind (thinking) nerves,

 90 minutes $250

Energy Body Clearing/Chakra Balancing/Restoration 90 minutes $250

Physical Body Restoration - Aligning the physical to its own natural healing protocol 120 minutes $350

.. .. .. Sessions Combinations .. .. ..

Priced according to the combination of offerings and time shared.

Always considered and arranged in the most cooperative ways.

.. .. .. All Teachings - The Sacred Ways - The Ancient, Now & Future Ways - Wisdom Ways .. .. .. 

Prices vary accordingly for the Sacred Nature and the spectrum of potential that each collaboration offers

.. .. .. SMALL PRINT .. .. .. 

Payment methods - Cash (only if you are an established client).

#1 Zelle is preferred or #2 Venmo or #3 Cash 

No checks! No IOU! I do not barter or trade.

Sessions may be requested but they are tentative until payment is made.

Once the payment is made, the session is confirmed.

It's like this .. .. .. the client/recipient wants a session.
The client/recipient pays for the session.
It then becomes my loving service, my responsibility to give the client/recipient a great session.

It's not my responsibility to track the client/recipient's payment. I'm not a loan shark or a utility company.

In my 25 years of Loving Service, I've grown leery and weary

of clients and recipients who challenge me about or resist down to the last moment

in making their payments for sessions and teachings. 

If you want a session and you're (in denial) rebellious to pay, your session might just go away. 

Set to awareness for you and me, on


I'm not a personal assistant. Please set your own reminders for sessions. Thank you!
The payment is non-refundable (although possibly transferable).

Payments must be made at the time of scheduling.

It's kind of funky to deal with dollars during counsel or healing time.

At any time a session needs to be rescheduled IF I am contacted the session time will be changed. 
If I'm contacted in advance of the session, it remains open for rescheduling for 3 months.

If I am not contacted the session will not be rescheduled, this is non-negotiable and all money is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Of course, if there is an urgent or emergency situation for a missed session it will be compassionately acknowledged. 

Once a session is paid for, there is no refund of payment.

 Many of these policies were established between 2013 and most recently on, 

because of this quirky lil' big tourist town.

Yes, again, contact me at 805.760.8399

Thank you!

.. .. .. 

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