Laurel Lyons .. .. .. aka .. .. .. Sohanna Mah


energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic

.. .. .. For an introduction, I'm a Medicine Woman .. .. .. 

I offer counseling, teaching, and healing

without the commercial feeling.

.. .. .. 

I am a clear and conscious channel and I am a messenger. 
I am a clear and aware seer and I am a visionary (realist). 
I am a clear and compassionate Middle Being.

 I am caring and attentive. 
I am a clear and grateful traveler of destiny. 

                                    I am here for now.

I am a channel, an intuitive counselor, and healing support "Middle Being", a psychic reader, a storyteller, and writer for The Creator Source. The Creator Source Counsel refers to me as "an intergalactic journalist" and I love this title. I am here to activate and support the humans (animals, plants, and nature/natural environments, and social experiences) and the super-humans as we co-create our transformations from self to spirit to soul beings. As a collective, we are here/now to serve The Creator Source, ourselves, and others who are here to serve.

I transfer healing and I translate wisdom into energy influence as a direct channel interceptor. I have discovered that in this way, I participate and channel on behalf of *The Creator ~ Creator Source* a.k.a. The Divine, The All, The Almighty, The ONE, The WE for the promotion of the promised highest good. Whatever it is called that is the *Creator Source of Love*, I'll work with and for.


If it isn't for love, I'm not in it. 

I am here to guide and support you. It is part of my assignment to assist you in knowing and feeling your true self, your true nature, and more. I am blessed to live on the Sacred Red Earth of the high desert of the south-west. Many call this area Sedona, AZ, a miraculously beautiful tourist town. It is here that I meet, counsel, and offer healing support to people from all over the world. My days are truly amazing. I guide individuals, families, couples, and groups.


A .. .. .. Anointing, blessings, and consecrations w/ aromatic                       essential oils, Nusta Blessings too.

B .. .. .. Blending Sessions of the Emotional, Mental, Physical &                   Spiritual Being and The Wisdom of The Breath

C .. .. .. Cerebral Cranial Activations - Specialized Craniosacral w/              Auricular Reflexology 

D .. .. .. Dreamers of The New Dawn - Counsel, Interpretation, and            Teaching/Workshops

E .. .. .. Earth . Sky . Center, ETC along with AIM (however always              in respect of the American Indian Movement, this isn't the            same AIM)

F .. .. .. Forgiveness - Counsel & Ceremony for couples, families,                 friends & individuals (you)

G .. .. .. Guidance (intuitive/psychic) Get Your Life Together

H .. .. .. Harmony Charts - Your individual "Tree of Life" is                          revealed to us...all drawn up for you to see and be! 

I .. .. .. The 4 I's + 1. INTRINSIC BREATH. 

J .. .. .. Jokes & Humor - because we need much more joy &                      laughter for healing 

K .. .. .. KorManu (Blue Ray Energy) - Activations and Healing                   Support

L .. .. .. LOVE of course in the form of Loving Service

M .. .. .. Mentorship - Knowledge & Wisdom - my 64 years,                         certainly 25 years of my experience turned over to you

N .. .. .. Natural Healing Ways - many blessings with this

O .. .. .. Oracle Card Readings w/ Earth Bones & Ancient One                     Stones

P .. .. .. Principles - The Five Great Principles of 5 + 9 = Integrity

Q .. .. .. Questions Answered 

R .. .. .. REIKI Healing Support Sessions & Traditional Usui                      Teachings (I've been an active Reiki Master for 20 years)

S .. .. .. Sacred Life Energy - Yours - Counsel and workshops

T .. .. .. Teachings of The Beauty Ways

U .. .. .. Universal Life Force Energy & Living Source Energy

V .. .. .. Very accurate Intuitive Healing & Counsel

W .. .. .. White Crow Walking Alchemy 

           Writing - Oh my goodness a lot of writing. Also teaching of             "A Vision Quest - Using Words"

X .. .. .. Xeniality - The offering of hospitality to you

Y .. .. .. Your Highest Good - Your Highest Power - Your Highest Self

Z .. .. .. Zzzz's - from struggling to get good sleep to the upgrade of            resting in Slumber (see D again) 

Regarding the image at the top of the page, yes, that's me. I was awake and open then. Like many others, I didn't begin to shut down until I was around 4 years young. It's time for all of us to become more open with ourselves and find ourselves and self-love.

.. .. .. Sedona - Healing - Intuitive - Psychic .. .. .. 


me as a toddler.jpg
  • INTUITIVE COUNSEL Advice giving, psychic readings, - a lifetime or so it seems, for the highest good for Creator Source - 25 years. I am blessed to be respected as a Wise Woman, a .. MAHtriarch .. an Elder Guide, a "Middle Being" for the Creator Source.

  • CEREBRAL-CRANIAL ACTIVATION Healing support combining universal living source energy, craniosacral therapy, auricular reflexology, and aromatherapy by way of anointing. 

  • USUI REIKI PRACTITIONER & MASTER TEACHER Attuned and certified in 2001. Teaching since 2002. Karuna Reiki Master attuned and certified/registered in 2010. I am reverent to the energy, while against *the business model of Karuna Reiki.

  • KOR.MANU "BLUE RAY" MASTER Activated 2008 of the Ascended Source Energy and Master Teacher 2012.

  • SHAMANIC DEATH WALKER & CERTIFIED DYING CONSCIOUSLY COUNSELOR & PRACTITIONER - Grief Counsel and more, always more. This includes (by great grace and love) the counsel that is ultimately empowering for you, that of grieving the true you that you feel that you didn't get to be in this life. I am no longer on hiatus as my fascinating Momma completed her earth walk." The Great Initiation" was, is, and will continue. Please see the new page for "the crossings" here on my website.

  • AROMATHERAPY Studied and practiced for 25 years, taught (mostly) by the grace of The Master Healers - the great plants themselves, essential oils, as gifted to us by The Beauty Ways of the plant nation.

  • The Sacred Ways of Anointing came my way in this lifetime in 2001, along with my Reiki practice. I've been blessed to anoint hundreds of "beings" from our Earth and Beyond tribes of love.

  • I hold the ways of "The Sacred Tao of Aroma, Fragrance & Scent" and "The Shamanic Ways of Aroma".

  • Lead Alchemist & Proprietor at "WHITE CROW WALKING ALCHEMY".

  • 5 + 9 = INTEGRITY The 5 great principles of the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki. I am a Rite Giver of these ways.


I am blessed to be gifted with much more to share, and more, there is always

more to share.

I'm not woowoo!

Especially, devotedly as I live in the middle of this tiny big woowoo tourist town! 

* In my opinion, and only I need to be the one to hold to it while being willing to let it go. When church and state joined forces and in doing so took on business models, spirituality and the appropriate use of leadership turned the wrong ways.

GREED .. .. .. values .. .. .. GREED