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THE ORIGIN MEDICINES energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic


"My Mom is a weird Mom because my Mom is a Shaman. She is a great Mom.

She is a greater Shaman. She is the deepest sense of the ways of the Shaman.

People say that they are Shaman.

My Mom doesn't say that she is a Shaman.

My Mom is a Shaman.

You should let her be all that she is for you."

K Lyons ~ Planet Earth


I am always available for healing support sessions *emotional, mental, physical, spiritual*

"Cerebral Cranial(sacral) Activation", intuitive counsel aka psychic readings,

"Present Life Progression"

Mentor/Apprenticeship guidance to list a few possibilities. 


.. .. .. 


I am booking sessions now for December 25th through the 28th. Sessions go for 60 minutes @ $65.

I'll take December 24th off to lay low on the dark moon, I will not be available.

If you are interested, please set your sessions soon.

I've been working with the moon phases for 13 years, beginning with hosting

.. New Moon Intention Setting Circles .. 
We have all advanced so much that I now offer the .. New Moon Manifestation Sessions .. these sessions offer a way of working with the Moon and it's lovely phases, a way of working with astrological/planetary magic and shenanigans and how you and your unique astrological aspects can benefit you from one New Moon to the next one. It is .. .. .. as I say .. .. .. MAGIC! Moon Magic!

Call me at 805-760-8399 if you have questions or want to schedule with me.

Always seek the highest good.

New Moon - - true 13 Moon Count New Year, New Moon
Leap Year 20.20 .. .. .. oh, goodness, what will that bring?

20.20 dates will be posted soon.

I will be offering a special terms opportunity for 20.20.

.. .. .. 


REIKI Level I - One (me) with One (you) 

REIKI ~ The Art of Inviting Happiness
The teachings and energy healing ways, including activations and attunements of Usui Traditional Reiki.
We are only healers when we heal ourselves. 
This way is offered anytime that you want and may be done in person or the majority of this teaching can be done by phone. The activations and attunements must be done in person.
Please check the "soon .. .. .." page for more coming, involving Reiki teachings.
Thank you.


On the great horizon is


a work/play shop and vision quest always available by phone for one with one teachings.

It is time for each and all of us, the Light Workers and Guides,

to coordinate our "Almighty Ascension Gifts" and collaborate our sacred sovereign empowerment.


Counseling, walking with and the teaching of the ways.

Dream Counsel - intuitive interactive dream guidance and interpretation sessions.

Dream REALm


Courage Counsel and Healing Support

emotional, mental, physical & spiritual introducing each and all to the Soul - Highest Self

Sessions (in person & distance), walking with and the teaching of the ways

Past life regressions is cool and don't you want to go forward in your life?


Passing on The Beauty Ways before I end my Earth Walk.
My Earth Walk almost ended .. .. .. "NDE" in 20.13 so the potential is present that I have even more to pass along.Mentor - Apprentice relationships are available for you.


The Crossings ~ Conscious Living & Dying, Shamanic Death Walking

Whether going or staying, I will walk with you and yours.

It's very sweet to walk with the ones going.

It's the ones that stay that hold onto the challenges.

More to come soon!

For now, call me.



Thank you!

& cookies!