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THE ORIGIN MEDICINES energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic

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.. .. .. EARTH . SKY . CENTER .. .. .. 

One Earth .. One Sky .. Billions of Centers

.. .. .. Tribes Unite .. .. ..

Sedona, AZ the pathways opened, the threshold is strong and manifestation is now.

Come gather in the goodness and behold the great potential, be part of it.

.. .. .. 

"My Mom is a weird Mom because my Mom is a Shaman. She is a great Mom.

She is a great Shaman. She is in the deepest sense of the ways of the Shaman.

People say that they are Shamans.

My Mom doesn't say that she's a Shaman.

You should let her be all that she is for you."

K Lyons ~ Planet Earth

(two decades of testimonials are available if you want to see them, please contact me and ask)

.. .. ..

ENERGY of 20.23 .. .. .. while we're on the threshold

ENERGY of 20.23 .. .. .. 20.22 is over! 

~*~ Mentor  Apprentice Sessions ~*~

I'm offering a few packages for Mentor Apprentice collaboration. 

5 sessions are set to be completed in 5 to 8 weeks.

I'm making this very affordable as I am here to seek the highest good.

Call me if you are called to this offering

Don't text me, y'all know that I don't like to text. 


Thank you! 

set on

There's a complimentary season for almost anything and everything. 

Call me if you have any questions and certainly if you want a session.

Yes, again, call me at 805.760.8399. Please don't text me about this. I don't like to text! 

.. .. .. 

THE WISDOM WAYS - the acts of courage and love

I've opened the door and the energy, for you to come to gather up some of your healing.

"Traditional Reiki Healing Sessions"

Reiki - 60 minutes - $100 - 3rd Eye Anointing included with all Energy Healing Sessions.

I'm very happy to share that starting on January 1st and continuing on I'm offering 

"Cerebral Cranial Activations, Auricular Reflexology with Precision Point Energy,
Chakra Blending, Balancing

Sacred Ways of Consecration (energy attunements) and

The Sacred Art of Anointing w/ aromatic/healing oils and holy waters from around the world."

Call me, please don't text. I won't text regarding the Sacred Way/Traditions.

.. .. .. 




When we align with nature, nature blesses us in great measure.

Call and ask .. .. .. I don't text regarding any of the sacred ways.

Thank you.

.. .. .. 

WHITE CROW WALKING ~*~ Live Source Alchemy


As an Alchemist, offering these ways in this lifetime for over 25 years, I work with a few

very rare single note and amazing oils and I make unique blends.

One that I'm most proud of and reverent of is the one that calls itself

"The Sacred Oil of The Chrism". 

When we align with sacred nature, sacred nature blesses us in great measure.

.. .. ..


Blessings, love, and more .. .. .. always more!

.. .. .. 

I am available for healing support sessions supporting the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual being

intuitive counsel aka psychic readings



Beginning (New Year's Day) I'll be offering the full Cerebral Cranial Activations sessions.

Just like "back in the day", and now, in another "next level" that has recently been wisdom transferred to me.

The recent wisdom transfer clarifies some curiosity/inquiries that I've had for 15 years

"Next Level .. .. .. these sessions have always been "Next Level".

I'll be posting more soon.

Please call me to get the information about what this is, thank you.


I've designed this teaching so that the student gets the highest good out of it, as with all things,

this is determined by the student and whether or not they do their work to heal.
This teaching is to support the highest good of each individual and their own greater health and vitality.

 I've also, lovingly set the cost to an affordable, yet abundantly blessed way to work with it all. 

I'm very inspired and pleased by this advanced goodness to come. 
I'm offering a 30-minute complimentary (must be scheduled) consultation.  ​

Please, no text messages. Thank you.



Module 1 ) Breathe .. .. .. this one is so sweet

Module 2 ) Journal Writing for Your Highest Good

Module 3 ) Center,  Ground, and expand

Module 4 ) Setting Sacred Space - Altars & more

Module 5 ) Meditation & Prayer

Module 6 ) Positive & Negative (negativity can be a good thing)

Module 7 ) Manifestation/Gratitude

Module 8 ) Putting it all together

Modules 1 through 7 are available for single-session teachings.

With great respect to the traditions of The Beauty Way, traditions of the ways that I love to teach.

Back in California when I was teaching this and other sacred ways, I kept it all in a sacred place

(blessed to teach from my home) and all teaching gatherings were small, with no more than 8 recipients. 

I love eye contact and feeling feelings and seeing lights go on in the special "ah-ha" moments.

I'm offering these teachings again, now.

Just you and me on the phone, ONE with ONE, til we're done.

This doesn't mean one long session. We'll set 2-3 or even 4 sessions if need be.

Sacred Medicine Way, as best (better) for this day and the strange and wonderful ways of these days. 

If you want more details, or have questions, call me. There's at least one good question here already.

The cost for this is set at extremely affordable for what is shared of the sacred.

Thank you!

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.. .. .. 


(to list a few possibilities) 

There are 3 levels to this apprenticeship/guidance. 

1st Level ~ guiding you towards your own unique sacred ways, to begin to put it all together.

2nd Level ~ guiding you towards your Loving Service as a World Server.

3rd Level ~ establishing your ways as a Channel & Communicator on behalf of the Highest Source.

Call me if you have questions so that we may find your answers. 

If you are interested, call me and we can have a nice and easy talk about this. 

.. .. .. 

DIRECTION SETTING SESSIONS .. .. .. aka .. ... .. Oracle Readings

Oracle Cards, Wisdom Runes, Crystals, and Planets.

These readings are heart-centered, Soul Sourced, intuitively guided wisdom transfers.

I love oracle the innocence of the cards. I enjoy reading them for myself and for others.

I use the 7 Card Lay representing the "7 Sacred Directions of N . E . S . W . Above . Below . Within".
I love my Wisdom Runes.

I love crystals and the planets!

The planets are incredible Creator Source magic that is sunrise to sunrise guaranteed!

If guided to do so, I'll include some wisdom from "the round thangs" aka the planet

On Sundays through the autumn equinox to the winter solstice, I'll be offering the

"Seven Sacred Directions" oracle cards and Stones & Bones intuitive readings.

I love the innocence of the cards and the Stones & Bones.

7 cards, 7 directions, $100. Sundays only, set and paid in advance, no later than the Fridays at sundown.

Call me at 805.760.8399. Please remember that I don't like to text.

Sand Hills Crane Medicine is in the calling for these reading in the Autumn Season Cycle.

 The Crane symbolizes beauty, harmony, and grace. It represents positive change.

Crane's symbolism focuses on the need for balance and living in harmony with others.

Thank you kindly!

.. .. .. 

REIKI LEVEL I - One (me) with One (you)

REIKI ~ The Art of Inviting Happiness
The teachings and energy healing ways, including activations and attunements of Usui Traditional Reiki.
We are only healers when we heal ourselves and in that healing, we become archetypes for others. 
This way is offered anytime that you want and Reiki Level I may be done in person or the majority of this teaching can be done by phone. The activations and attunements must be done in person.

Thank you.

Reiki Level I is the most traditional way of Master Usui, as we all need to heal ourselves.

.. .. ..


a work/play shop and vision quest are always available by phone for one with one teaching.

It is time for each and all of us, the Light Workers and Guides,

to coordinate our Great Gifts and collaborate on our sacred sovereign empowerment.

Counseling, walking with, and the teaching of the ways.

Dream Counsel - intuitive interactive dream guidance and interpretation sessions.

As a Project Manager of the ever-great "Dream REALm Imagisphere"

Feel free to contact me.


 .. .. .. 


Past Life Regression work is groovy, but don't you want to get on with what you're living for now?

Courage Counsel and Healing Support

The better future is now .. .. .. It's always the perfect time to bring this into the manifestation promises.

Sessions are now being set with 3 options available;

ranging from a 4-hour session to a 6-week and a 3-month program, priced accordingly.

Payments are available with the 6-week and 3-month programs.

You've heard the rage of Past Life Regression and that's all good.

Why dwell in the past when the future holds the way for our reasons to be here now?

The Foundation - Purpose a.k.a. Your Calling

The Emotional - Feeling Being

The Mental - Thinking Being

The Physical - Body (3D) Being

The Spiritual - Energy Being (and more)

The Unity - The integration with your Highest Self

I offer a complimentary consultation for those who are interested.

Call me at 805-760-8399, please do not text me. Thank you.

.. .. .. 


Passing on The Wisdom Ways before I cross the great divide before my Earth Walk is complete.
My Earth Walk almost ended, "NDE" in 20.13 (lightning, transformer explosion, connected with me)

so the potential is certain that I have more to pass along than before that.

Mentor - Apprentice relationships are available for you.

.. .. .. 

Laurel Lyons



A SABBATICAL in SEDONA in the Spring season of 2023

Please call me if you have any questions. 

LION's GATE (Sessions .. .. .. over 2 decades of Lion's Gate guidance) on

***Note to All .. .. .. (established from the beginning, 2 decades ago) for me as an elder/tradition carrier of the sacred ways,

The Wisdom Ways and as I was taught tradition prior to technology,

the sacred ways don't blend with trends or addictions to alcohol or recreational drug use.
In this technology age, this has grown to include "MC" addictions to media, social media, video gaming, gambling,

and an odd one for sure... app dating sites... (falling for your Mr./Ms. Right/Wrong from a computer, or cell phone screen. 

It is determined by the individual circumstance and situations

as to the placement of cannabis use (how much and why)

and those who are dependent on Rx drugs and such.

There is no negative judgment in any of this, it just is what it is. Again, call me and ask me about this.  

Thank you!

.. .. .. 

.. .. .. Sedona - Healing - Intuitive - Psychic .. .. .. 

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