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THE ORIGIN MEDICINES energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic

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One Earth .. One Sky .. Billions of Centers

.. .. .. Tribes Unite .. .. ..

Sedona, AZ the pathways opened, the threshold is strong and manifestation is now. Now? Now!

Come gather in the goodness and behold the great potential, be part of it.

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(two decades of testimonials are available if you want to see them, please contact me and ask)

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ENERGY of 20.24

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-~*~ Mentor  Apprentice ~*~

I'm offering a few packages for Mentor Apprentice collaboration. 

5 sessions are set to be completed in 5 to 8 weeks.

I am here, to guide and support you, to seek and share the highest good.

Call me if you are called to this offering

Thank you! 

There's a complimentary season for almost anything and everything. 

Call me if you have any questions and certainly, if you want a session.

Yes, again, contact me at 805.760.8399
Email me at

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THE WISDOM WAYS - the acts of courage and love

The door is open and the energy is for you to come to gather up some of your healing.

KorManu, Munay, and Reiki Healing Sessions

60 minutes - $100 - 3rd Eye and heart as guided, anointing included with all Energy Healing Sessions.

I'm very happy to share that I'm offering 

"Cerebral Cranial Activations, Auricular Reflexology with Precision Point Energy,
Chakra Blending, Balancing sessions. Please see the "Essence All" page

The Wisdom Ways of Consecration (energy attunements) and

The Wisdom Ways of Anointing w/ aromatic/healing oils and holy waters from around the world."

Call me, please don't text. I won't text regarding the Sacred Wisdom Ways/Traditions.

.. .. .. 



It's all much easier than a lot of people think that it is .. .. .. especially when one begins to feel alignment. 

When we align with nature, nature blesses us in great measure.

Call and ask .. .. .. I don't text regarding any of the sacred ways.

Thank you.

.. .. .. 

WHITE CROW WALKING ~*~ Living Source Alchemy


As an Alchemist, offering these ways in this lifetime for over 25 years, I work with a few

very rare single note and amazing oils and I make unique blends.

One that I'm most proud of and reverent of is the one that calls itself

"The Sacred Oil of The Chrism". 

When we align with sacred nature, sacred nature blesses us in great measure.


A new oil blend, balanced itself in May of 20.23, it is one called ~*~ RISE ~*~

RISE is available as an ascension activation fragrance oil and a very nice bath salt.

Another new blend is named ~*~ LOYALTY ~*~

Call to inquire and to purchase if you desire.


.. .. ..



I'm gladly offering the full Cerebral Cranial Activations sessions.

Just like "back in the day", and now, in another "next level" that has recently been wisdom transferred to me.

"Next Level .. .. .. these sessions presented in 20.08 in California, have always been "Next Level".

Please call me to get the information about what this is, thank you.

.. .. .. 


(to list a few possibilities) 


There are 3 levels to this apprenticeship/guidance. 

1st Level ~ guiding you towards your own unique sacred ways, to begin to put it all together.

2nd Level ~ guiding you towards your Loving Service as a World Server.

3rd Level ~ establishing your ways as a Channel & Communicator on behalf of the Highest Source.

Call me if you have questions so that we may find your answers. 

If you are interested, call me and we can have a nice and easy talk about this. 

.. .. .. 

Contact me at 805.760.8399

Email me at

REIKI LEVEL I - One (me) with One (you)

REIKI ~ The Art of Inviting Happiness
The teachings and energy healing ways, including activations and attunements of Usui Traditional Reiki.
We are only healers when we heal ourselves and in that healing, we become archetypes for others. 
This way is offered anytime that you want and Reiki Level I may be done in person or the majority of this teaching can be done by phone.

The activations and attunements must be done in person.
Thank you.

Reiki Level I is the most traditional way of Master Usui, as we all need to heal ourselves before we dive into hoping to help others. It's all a "work in progress' and a catalyst experience, and we all must care for ourselves to truly know what we may assist others with.

.. .. ..


a work/play shop and vision quest are always available by phone for one-on-one teaching.

It is time for each and all of us, the Light Workers and Guides,

to coordinate our Great Gifts and collaborate on our sacred sovereign empowerment.

Counseling, walking with, and the teaching of the ways.

Dream Counsel - intuitive interactive dream guidance and interpretation sessions.

As a Project Manager of the ever-great "Dream REALm Imagisphere"

Contact me at 805.760.8399 

Email me at

Dreamers of The New Dawn, I'm offering Q&A, symposiums, and more

in locations in and around Sedona. Call for locations and information if you want to participate.

The gatherings are at no cost to you, they are designed to get as many dreamers dreaming.

Sweet, vivid, and lucid dreams .. .. .. are a promise for everybody.

 .. .. .. 

I offer a complimentary consultation for those who are interested.

Yes, again, contact me at 805.760.8399

Email me at

.. .. .. 


Passing on The Wisdom Ways before I cross the great divide before my Earth Walk is complete.
My Earth Walk almost ended, "NDE" in 20.13 (lightning, transformer explosion, connected with me)

so the potential is certain that I have more to pass along than before that.

Mentor - Apprentice relationships are available for you.

.. .. .. 

Laurel Lyons


***Note to All .. .. .. (established from the beginning,  over 2 decades ago) for me as an elder/tradition carrier of the sacred ways,

The Wisdom Ways and as I was taught tradition prior to technology,

the sacred ways don't blend with trends or addictions to alcohol or recreational drug use.
In this technology age, this has grown to include "MC" addictions to media, social media, video gaming, gambling,

and an odd one for sure... app dating sites... falling for your Mr./Ms. Right/Wrong from a computer, or cell phone screen. 

It is determined by the individual circumstances and situations

as to the placement of cannabis use (how much and why)

and those who are dependent on Rx drugs and such.

There is no negative judgment in any of this, it just is what it is. Again, call me and ask me about this.  

Thank you!

.. .. .. 

.. .. .. Sedona - Healing - Intuitive - Psychic .. .. .. 

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