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On the great horizon is the 

As a Project Manager of the ever great "Dream REALm Imagisphere"

I am setting (well in advance) notice of a full 


a work/play shop and vision quest

Winter Solstice of 20.20
Set your intention and feel free to contact me .. .. .. 


.. .. .. 

If I've given you one of those "strange & wonderful" used wine bottle corks with the half marble glued to an end, the words to repeat again and again are .. .. ..
"I will have sweet, vivid and lucid dreams that I DO RECALL".

More will be added soon .. .. .. for now and for always please have sweet dreams.

Yes, have sweet, vivid, lucid dreams that you do recall. 


.. .. .. 

The Essence of my Rich Soul

I’ve help birth the sweetest of babies

I’ve sliced open the assassin’s throat

I’ve hung on the edge of crumbling buildings

I’ve seen the strangest things just float

I’ve raged inside as my tribe died

to circle in later to scalp more than a few

I’ve kissed a hundred men and women

I've needed moisture from the morning dew

I’ve witnessed senseless, brutal killings

I’ve seen entire villages set free

I’ve done all of this just watching

as my dreams come play with me

In the silence of my slumber

In the early morning light

I've seen the darkest entities wonder

why I never seem to fright

I’ve run high above the Moon light

and then been pulled to the Earth’s soft core

I’ve been called by God to enter

I’ve been pressed into Satan’s door

I’ve never stalled my dreams with boundaries

for these trips I would pay a great toll

for in my dreams I am experiencing

the depth and essence of my rich soul

(C) Laurel Lyons – Oneironaut

Inspired by the Lucid Dream Workshop
Santa Barbara, CA

February 25th, 2012

& cookies!