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.. .. .. 20.24 .. .. .. 

Already in the 5th moon cycle, and in full life source of the grand nature of spring.

I'm open to three session packages for Mentor-Protege teachings. This is intended to manifest the highest good, to support you to get on with your "walk the walk" into your highest self and highest calling as we all walk forward in this changing and evolving experience called life/living.

Please call me at 805.760.8399

.. .. .. Intuitive Counsel aka Psychic Readings .. .. ..

60 minutes $165 (in person or by phone)

90 minutes $225 (in person or by phone) 

30 minutes $95 (phone only) 

.. .. .. Oracle (Cards - Stones - Earth Bones - Crystals - Priestess Runes - Planets) Readings .. .. ..

60 minutes $150 (in person or by phone)

 90 minutes $225 (in person or by phone) 

30 minutes (rush, one question/subject, 3 to 5 cards (cards only) $95 (phone only) 

If the sessions are completed by phone, I'll text you images of the reading as it lays to providence. 

.. .. .. Energy Healing Support Session and more, always more .. .. ..

(KorManu (blue ray), Munay, and Usui Reiki blend)

Energy Healing 60 minutes $125 

​Anointing w/ Energy Healing 90 minutes $225

Cerebral Cranial Activation - Greater awareness of the brain (anatomy) mind (thoughtfully being), body, and spirit, unlimited potential for feeling and healing, healing the feelings .. .. .. 90 minutes $250

Energy Body Clearing/Chakra Balancing/Restoration 90 minutes $250

Physical Body Restoration - Aligning the physical to its natural healing protocol 120 minutes $350

.. .. .. Sessions Combinations & Sessions Packages .. .. ..

Priced according to the combination of offerings and time shared.

Always considered and arranged in the most cooperative ways.

.. .. .. All Teachings - The Sacred Ways - The Ancient, Now & Future Ways - Wisdom Ways .. .. .. 

Prices vary accordingly for the Sacred Nature and the potential that each collaboration offers.















If you have questions about me, or about what I offer, please contact me and get answers, thank you.


I'm setting out 2 (two) offerings .. .. .. through Summer Solstice

1 (one) distance healing (KorManu, Munay, and Reiki), with guided and calming breath practice, set with individualized intention/manifestation prayer. 60 minutes $88 PIA and scheduled.

2 (two) "Soul of Being" oracle card readings, full 7 Directions with an extra crystal, planet realm, Priestess Rune, or perhaps even a pull from my Earth Bones and Sacred Stones bowl of magic.

60+ minutes $111 PIA and scheduled.

Private message me using the contact box above, or call me @ 805.760.8399

If you have questions or if you want to schedule your uplevel.

Laurel .. .. .. aka .. .. .. Sohanna Mah



BELTANE May 1st aka May Day

New Moon Manifestation AIM Sessions May 5th - 9th


.. .. .. Teachings from my War Hero Father .. .. ..

Purple Heart and Medal of Valor

here on EARTH and from HEAVEN

Memorial Day Commemorative Sessions

May 22nd - May 27th 

60ish minutes - $150 (one client rate) - $75 additional for each client added

Individuals, friends, family are welcome to receive

Medium Channel Guidance called into each session .. .. .. determined by the availability and desire of the one who has crossed the great divide. 


New Moon Manifestation Sessions June 4th - 8th

Summer Solstice - Vision Quest Using Words a Writers "Rites of Passage" Teaching .. .. .. Sedona, AZ

New Moon Manifestation Sessions July 5th - 8th

New Moon Manifestation Sessions August 2nd - 6th

8 8 LIONS GATE .. .. .. through the cosmic REALm, the great gateway of providence from the universe,
mapping of amazing destiny potential for the highest good, mine, yours, and the unlimited collective of love.

Sessions are set from thru 

New Moon Manifestation Sessions August 30th - September 4th

Autumn Equinox - Sensitivity Sabbatical on The Sacred Red Earth .. .. .. Sedona, AZ

New Moon Manifestation Sessions September 30th - October 4th

NOVEMBER w/ 2 New Moons
New Moon Manifestation Sessions October 30th - November 4th 

Dia De Los Muertos - All Saints - All Souls

New Moon Manifestation Sessions November 30th - December 4th  

New Moon Manifestation Sessions December 28th - January 1st

Creativity - Dreamers of The New Dawn .. .. .. Sedona, AZ

Winter Solstice Resting in the season of introspection and innocence


JANUARY 20.24 already in the past/present/future


SPECIAL self-respect sessions .. .. .. begin the new cycles with gratitude 

It's interesting to me, how many people are "too busy" for self-care 

WAIT!!! Procrastinate!!! .. .. .. Don't Set Resolutions Sessions

New Moon Manifestation Sessions January 9th - 13th


Martin Luther King Jr. Day .. .. .. sessions!  

The sessions are designed to heal and open your heart for awareness, compassion,

and a bringing in of gratitude for diversity. 
.. .. .. 



SPECIAL self-respect sessions .. .. .. begin the new cycles with gratitude 

It's interesting to me, how many people are "too busy" for self-care 

Imbolc (February 2nd) Pledge Teaching Sessions February 1st thru 4th

New Moon Manifestation Sessions February 9th - 13th

 LUNAR NEW YEAR - Year of The Dragon February 10th calling in the feminine dragon energy 

New Moon Manifestation Sessions March 8th - 12th

Spring Equinox - The Soul Walk - Self-Aware Self-Care Self-Healing Wisdom Teachings .. .. .. Sedona, AZ

March 14th Opening Ceremony thru March 18th Closing Ceremony


Much LOVE .. .. .. abundantly shared for you from you, and me for you, and from the glorious Collective WE.

March 24, Full Moon Awareness Collaborative - "Thought Container" #1 In The Park 10:00 am.
Call if you
're inspired/interested. 
Open for locals and travelers too, as we are all locals to Earth and travelers of this brilliant, vast, and wide, journey of totality. 
Call me if you are interested. 
Sunday @ 10 is part of a global happening, that's been in the making for about 2 years. Often energetic without a group collective gathering, some on YouTube and Zoom. I'm making it a gathering in a local park and on YouTube too. My focus is on collective LOVE and compassionate action for unity.


New Moon Manifestation Sessions April 6th - 10th

April 8th, Full Solar Eclipse in grand performance for the blessed ones dwelling here in Sedona, and the greater beyond. I just ordered my "Solar Eclipse" Glasses. Get on up on this y'all beloveds. Much LOVE.

Please contact me if you have any interest or questions.

Thank you .. .. ..


Laurel .. .. .. aka .. .. .. Sohanna Mah

this page set into manifest 

AIM and so it is .. .. .. 

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