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ranial Activation Sessions

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Easier done than said. 
The early gift of this was given to me way back in 19.95, in very amazing, ascended ways from my dream REALm wisdom transfers. Cerebral-Cranial Activation Sessions converted into my healing ways (in concentration) through 20.11. This healing is blessed be .. .. .. truly amazing (and miraculous).

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Cerebral - Cranial Activation Session Healing Support

Cerebral - of or relating to the brain or the intellect.

Cranial - of or relating to the skull or cranium.

Activation - to set in motion; make active, to organize or create.

Session - a meeting of a deliberative, period devoted to a particular activity.

Healing - the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

Support - assist to.

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Cerebral Cranial Activation Sessions & Anointing ~ These sessions are a gift from The Creator Source. This way is a significant part of what is being handed to us now. I am grateful that The Creator Source has handed them to me to share with you. I have been guided to the alchemy ways of blending Universal Life Force and Live Source energy with Craniosacral Therapy, Auricular (ears) Reflexology, and more. This blend is what some have said is similar to an ancient healing way known as Tibetan Skull Moving.

This combined healing support is hosted intuitively by me while guided by The Creator Source through me to you the recipient. These sessions are profound yet subtle in their ways and they offer a potential for an evolution on all levels of being. The emotional, mental, physical, and spirit
ual of the recipient may align and reorganize as it is meant to be. The recipient may open to a clearer recognition of their innate nature and instinctive, intellectual, and intuitive ways.

12% - 20% of our mind (that we use while going an average sunrise to sunrise) has difficulty in trying to conceptualize the potential of the "Cerebral-Cranial Activation" sessions. During these sessions, the cooperation of The Creator Source, me, with my compassionate care and healing support on your behalf and you will work together to begin to turn on the greater ways of

your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

The SOUL delights in this.

Contact me at 805.760.8399 if you are interested.

We can set up a complimentary consultation about this. 

Laurel Lyons


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