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White Crow Walking .. .. .. Ancient Potionologist at your service!

This was re-birthed aka born-again from Live Source Alchemy - A Violet Fig

a day when great things have been born since the beginning of timelessness.

In this splendid moment, I am organizing the goodness to come. Well, I am organizing in loyal collaboration with Creator Source to make all of the goodness that pure goodness can make.

.. .. .. Living Source .. .. ..

restorative antidotes, healing balms and soothing liniments,

vitality remedies,

LAVISH SENSORY AROMATICS (can't get your nose into the bottle, em' so good)

and some stinky ones too (to heal some of the funk-junk)

transformational tonics

and more .. .. .. for there is always more and more

Blessings, LOVE and more,



Give me a call if you have a desire to do so.

Laurel Lyons



Thank you 

and .. .. .. there's always more .. .. .. ask me about the special items! 

one of these specials items is "Ceremony In A Bag" 
one of these special items is "The b.Lock Box"
one of these special items is a combo Pendulum & Necklace with The Oils of Truth

.. .. ..

This is about love and f.light on the wings of magic .. .. .. the magic of vivid imagination and the magic of all that is, all that we know, all that we love and all that we trust .. .. .. in and of, to and from the Great Mystery REALm.

The great collaboration, the loyal devotion is a blend of Creator Source, some of the finest blessings of the Plant Nation Tribe and yours truly, Laurel .. .. .. an Ancient One Potionologist.

Contact me for some certain enthusiasm about this vast experience in Loving Service.


.. .. ..

.. .. ..

My Daddy built a playhouse for me when I was a little girl. I didn't pretend to be a housewife.

I WAS AN ALCHEMIST in a GREAT TEMPLE. It was my Chamber of Magic. I had baby food jars and jam and jelly jars and catsup bottles (cleaned) and filled with water that I'd use food coloring to make pretty the POTIONS that they held.


I would heal dragons and fairies, unicorns, and good warriors. I would make poisons to destroy Dark Witches. I was ......... well, who I am today.


My Daddy and my Lil Shaman Auntie A-Z were the only people that I invited into my Chamber of Magic. My EVIL sister, the one that I call the Roman Soldier as a term of endearment, used to force her way in. Oh my, I'm now wondering if the potion that I made for her did work? Sigh! It's in the past.


A few years ago my Lil Shaman Auntie A-Z came to visit me here in Sedona and her eyes lit up and she laughed her wonderful laugh when she saw my apothecary.


My Auntie told me during that visit that I made VISION CREAM for Cyclops Tribes. Hahhhahaaaaaaaaa! I mean RIGHT!? What else was I to do?




OMGoodness, I'm also remembering that I once used my Mom's "Vanishing Cream" .. .. .. but I didn't vanish so I knew that it was made by a phony, a muggle. Oh my, so many muggles and not enough time to banish them all!

Laurel Lyons​



Thank you!

& cookies!

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