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timeless tales that want to be told now .. .. ..

I am very eager to get this page (sort of a combo blog & love letter) filled IN and UP;

IN so that we may all check IN on deeper levels


UP so that we may all rise well above our challenges, our pasts and our limitations.

please check back sooner than later

blessings, love and more,


at times this may be a "tough love" (not that tough) love letter

.. .. .. 

The Bright Red Devil .. .. .. inspired by The High Priestess - Joni Mitchell

Well, as the goodness of heart would have it for as many times as I've cursed this tourist town, and felt that I've been cursed while living in this tourist town, my blessings are greater than any other measure. I cannot count the number of amazing humans that I've met and worked with over the past five years, that have traveled here to Sedona from all over this Earth. Somehow by Soul to Soul coordination so many humans have trusted me to be a complimentary and momentary Spirit Guide for them while they go forward to their highest good.

I cannot imagine any other location (up until this experience) where I would have received such a wondrous opportunity to grow so much in my ways; finding splendor in cultural diversity and traditions, working with so many different languages spoken with a few barriers and then to trust love as a form of compassionate translation. In the completion and closure of any of these experiences, the language of Spirit (energy) and the communication of loving grace has at most times been all that is required for clarity. Always the language of smiles, laughter, some tears and always hugs, some hugs that left me seeking good bodywork. Foreigners love to embrace and share very sweet open affections. I certainly cannot count how many kisses my smiling cheeks have received.

Yes, "let's have a round for these freaks (Sedona is at maximum capacity) and these soldiers (of valor), a round for these "friends" of mine, let's have another round for the bright red devil who keeps me in this tourist town".

.. .. ..


1 .. .. .. Take a long nap, in your bed. While traveling into nap land repeat again and again (like counting sheep) .. .. .. I will have sweet, vivid, lucid dreams that I do recall.

2 .. .. .. Give yourself a very nice and sincere compliment.

3 .. .. .. Forgive yourself for something that you blame another person for. If you were there for the experience, you were part of the experience.

Let the past pass
Let the end be over
Forgiveness is FREEDOM

4 .. .. .. Be consistent in taking your vitamins. Take your vitamins!

You are at your highest self when you take care of yourself.

5 .. .. .. Stop your next negative thought about yourself.

6 .. .. .. Spend 3 – 5 minutes, 3 – 5 times a day and breathe very deeply.

7 .. .. .. Do number 6 for 30 days in a row and your life will improve a lot.

8 .. .. .. Have a special treat, like a favorite cookie.

*9 .. .. .. Become someone that you really trust.

10 .. .. .. Discover the difference between tired and relaxed.

11 .. .. .. Practice ACTS OF KINDNESS.


.. .. .. 


Beloveds, this has to be a lovely one with one, deep heart and sweet SOUL session! 

Call me


.. .. .. 


Becoming someone that you really trust starts with doing what you are aligned to do WHEN you are aligned to do it. In other words "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today" unknown. 

Oh, I giggle .. .. .. 

All y'all Beloveds of young years and grace.full not as young years and all years in the middle

.. .. .. don't .. .. .. I repeat .. .. .. don't .. .. .. don't be signing up for online Reiki courses and

the "become a certified shaman" shenanigans.

This stuff just ain't right!

I repeat .. .. ..

This stuff just ain't right!

Online Reiki? How about an online massage? A trendy technology information source can tell you all about how the massage is feeling and working for you. 

Certified Shaman? Most of the true Shaman that I know, could be considered certifiable at one moment or many moments in their lives! I love the true Shaman that I know. 


 Laurel Lyons


& cookies!