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Laurel Lyons

a woman who appreciates

Sacred Life Energy

Sohanna Mah

a Soul that appreciates

Laurel Lyons

on planet EARTH

for all that it's worth

and planet EARTH

is worth a lot

centered in gratitude



THE ORIGIN MEDICINES energy . guidance . intelligence . truth & magic


.. .. .. h.OM.e .. .. ..

The smoke of red willow bark, the palo santo, and the sacred leaf sage.

Winds that spiral around us of the ancient, the now, and the future ways.

Please protect the love rights-rites-writes that are shared on this webbed page.

I promote myself on the world (and beyond) wide web as I work to do my part to manifest the highest good for all. I feel strongly that more of us should promote our highest selves while we do our part to collaborate for the highest good for all that is, for all that we know, for all that we love, and for all that we trust. My journeys so far have been powerful and empowering, 

often very demanding while holding true to the promise that it is all continually expanding.

The Great Mystery is great and it holds me to my vow to be an inspired and inspirational being.

"The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know

what kind of love the love is."

Laurel Lyons


~*~ and cookies .. .. .. good cookies .. .. .. always good cookies ~*~

.. .. .. Sedona - Healing - Intuitive - Psychic .. .. .. 

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