5+9=INTEGRITY .. .. .. the ethics and practices for living a more connected -

or a greater set of values kind of life.

I am presently in the writing of the practices and protocols for 5+9=INTEGRITY.

This work will be offered in both sessions/teachings in 6 - One w/ One (you and me) sessions, and

soon to come in a working handout style workbook journal presentation.

I will be posting inspirations in this section, "1,000,000" within the next few days.

Thank you

The 5 of the 5+9= integrity ~

Non-violence - bring no harm to yourself or others

Truthfulness - be true to your word, and let your word be true

Integrity - do not steal, not even a glance; walk your talk

Moderation - use wisely the life force within you

Generosity - give more than you take, nothing in the world belongs to you

Thank you


Ethics of Practice for Spiritual Ways

Accountability for actions (and infractions)

Is anybody curious about this?

Walk Your Talk!

Walk the Truth!

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