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PHASES OF THE MOON - teachings for better living and loving


THE ROUND THINGS - from Planet Earth and beyond

FIVE POINT STAR SYSTEM - astrology from the views & ways of The Star Beings
(get over it, the Earth is round. we'd all have the worst G-Force motion sickness if it wasn't)

this will all be available in the soon to come future of the 20.20 timeline,

soon to come while in so many ways, already here and now

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"the future often arrives a little bit before you are ready for it"

think about it

just one second ago is already the past

One of my many blessings from above .. .. .. the moon landed in my yard back in the winter of 20.12.

Jus' kidding! I was a total newcomer to winter and things that freeze in the night.

That is a disc of ice that formed on top of the water in my birdbath.

I was totally enthralled by it, so much magic! 

Laurel Lyons​



Thank you!

& cookies!

Moon Landing.jpg