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Usui Reiki is "The Art of Inviting Happiness". Karuna ® Reiki is "compassionate action".  Reiki is "Energy Healing" that works. Reiki is unconditional Love.  I believe that Reiki is miraculous. I honor the traditions of Master Usui and his ways with Universal Life Force Energy. We have evolved on this planet to now upgrade all healing with Live/Love Alchemical Source Energy. It is time. I attune and teach to this upgrade. 

"The Five Principles" are to be transmitted with respect while promoting the soon to be expanded human to their greater potential for profound growth and healing. As a channel of this medicine, I know that Great Spirit is the Source of the Munay-LOVE. The ways of "The Five Principles" has come to be after many rites given as a mentor of the Munay-Ki the most important aspect of these ways. It's about integrity.

Ceremony may be created of the simplest to the greatest of things, all that falls in between may be too.  Gratitude creates a union of our Higher Power and our Higher Self. When a ceremony comes our way, whether we are alone or with others it helps to open the heart. It is good to be in ceremony, it allows our Souls to grow. It is good to hold ceremony each day, at least once a day simply because it is good practice for living.

Circles have held humans together since the beginning of time. A circle represents unity to host the sharing of common interests.  These interests are focused on particular beliefs and practices. To gather in a circle is to offer up the best of who you are and to lovingly share your best with others. Everything that nature does, nature does in a circle. To offer reverence to the circles and nature cycles is to flow will the All that Is.

I am grateful to work as a psychic in the amazing Spirit World, from the at-most-sphere of the information realm. I work to channel the highest integrity guidance for insights and information on behalf of your Highest Self. I receive information that leads me to a place of discovery for others. I provide positive guidance, offering compassion, support and comfort to those who seek it. I offers open channel readings for you to serve out your assignments in this life that you are living now.

Truth has it that I've emerged lovingly from great challenges and experiences, this life hasn't been easy. This life has been worthy of gratitude. I have lived in lavish diversity. I hold very little judgment. I've grown resilient. I trust in compassion and acceptance for myself and others.  The vast complexities and profound simplicities of human nature have always inspired me. We are all so much more than our basic day to day existence let's on to be.

Dreams have always been my freedom portals. As a child I often dreamed that wolves would call to me in the night and I would slip away with them and run above the clouds in the dark night sky. I have been a vivid dreamer all of my life. In June of 2009 I woke from a dream hearing that I was here to support the awakening of the dreamers of the new dawn, so that is what I do.

  Laurel Lyons ~ a woman who appreciates sacred life energy.
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